In order to overcome the obstacles facing the steel sector and reach the goal of 300 million tonnes of manufacturing capacity by 2030, the government has established two advisory groups. The two distinct committees established for integrated steel plants (ISPs) and the secondary steel sector are made up of members of the steel industry, associations, academia, and senior retired government officials, according to a steel ministry document.

“Two advisory committees, one for ISPs and the other for the secondary sector, have been established by the Ministry of Steel. These committees consider the problems the industry is currently facing and discuss solutions in order to achieve the National Steel Policy 2017’s target of 300 MT of crude steel production capacity by 2030–31 “It was the ad.

The advisory committee on ISPs and the secondary sector has held several sessions since it was established.

The ministry stated that it has held extensive talks with all relevant parties to establish and finalize the details of the sector’s “Vision 2047.”

“On August 25, 2022, industry representatives and associations attended a stakeholder gathering. All interested parties have been asked for their opinions and suggestions on Vision 2047 “announced the ministry.

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