Copper-nickel, or cupronickel, is a copper and nickel alloy. It is known for its corrosion resistance, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

You might be surprised to hear that copper-nickel is best used in a variety of daily things. These are five surprising common uses for copper and nickel.

Currency Coins

One of the most popular applications for copper-nickel is in monetary coinage. The US coin, for example, contains 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. Cupronickel is commonly used in coinage because it withstands wear and tear better than pure metals such as copper or silver. Furthermore, cupronickel alloys are less prone to corrosion than other alloys, such as brass.


Copper-nickel piping is often utilized in marine areas because it is more resistant to seawater corrosion than other piping materials. It also functions in high-pressure steam lines and hydraulic systems. Cupronickel causes greenish-brown stains on pipes.

Desalination Plants

Cupronickel is widely used in desalination plants because to its ability to endure high temperatures and pressures. Furthermore, cupronickel does not rust when exposed to sea water, making it excellent for marine use. The procedure works by heating water to generate steam, which is then used to drive a turbine that powers the desalination process.

Heat Exchangers

Copper-nickel is often used in heat exchangers due to its better heat conductivity than other metals. It has a higher heat transfer efficiency, making it excellent for applications that require swift and efficient movement. Whether you’re using a car radiator or a home heating system, it’s likely that it contains copper-nickel to help transport heat.

Marine Hardware

Cupronickel is a common choice for marine hardware like boat propellers and hulls because it is more resistant to seawater corrosion than other metals. Furthermore, cupronickel retains its strength when exposed to salt water, making it perfect for this use. Cupronickel is not only corrosion-resistant, but also stronger than other metals, making it appropriate for use in boat propellers.

A copper-nickel bar is a versatile metal with numerous applications due to its resistance to corrosion. It can be found in money coins, pipes, desalination plants, heat exchangers, and naval equipment. When you see a dime or a boat propeller, consider the function copper-nickel plays in our daily life!

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