1. Ease of Access for Maintenance: The channel side is typically more accessible than the shell side. Placing the expansion groove on the channel side makes it easy to check, maintain, and repair the tubes and sheet

2. Thermal Expansion Accommodation: The expansion groove helps to account for the difference in thermal expansion between the tube and the tube sheet. Positioning it on the channel side, which is more exposed to temperature cycles and flow changes, improves thermal stress management.

3. Mechanical Considerations: Pressure differentials and flow dynamics frequently result in greater mechanical loads and stresses on the channel side. The expansion groove on this side helps to equally distribute these stresses, lowering the chance of mechanical failure.

4. Seal Integrity: The groove serves to create a tight seal between the tube and the tube sheet. On the channel side, where fluid dynamics and pressure variations are more prominent, maintaining seal integrity is critical for preventing leaks and ensuring efficient heat transmission.

5. Design and Fabrication Practicality: From a manufacturing standpoint, it is easier and more practical to mill and examine the groove on the channel side. During fabrication, the shell side may become increasingly confined and difficult to reach.

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