Steel has become an essential material used in construction today. It is one of the most commonly used materials for supporting the weight of buildings. If you are involved in this trade, it is important to know the different types of steel that are used for construction.

What are the 3 common types of steel?

The different types of steel that are used for construction building construction include 300, 400, and 500 series. The 300 series is the cheapest but it also has a lower yield strength. The 400 series is stronger than the 300 but has a higher carbon content. The 500 series steel is the strongest and most expensive but can have a difficult time being welded. 

There are 3 types of steel used in building construction today. The first type is structural steel, which is primarily used for the support of beams, columns, and girders. 

The second type is rebar, which can be found in concrete to reinforce it. The third type is pre-stressed concrete (reinforced with rebar) which is used for floor slabs, roofs, and foundations. 

Other categories of steel used for building construction are mild, medium, and high-strength. All of these types of steel must meet certain criteria in order to be considered “high strength”. Steel can also be classified according to the alloy content, i.e: carbon, stainless, and alloy steels. Carbon steel is the most widely used type of steel used in construction due to its strength, corrosion resistance, and ability to be easily welded. 

Stainless steel is a versatile material that can be used in any environment. 

Alloy steels are the strongest of all but they are more suitable for specific applications like welding or cutting tools.

How are they made?

When steel is made, it can be made in three different ways. The first is through a process called “hot-rolling”. This process begins by heating the metal to a high temperature. It then passes this hot mass over a series of rolls in the mill or anvils. The other two types of steel are cold-drawn and forged. Cold-drawn steel is pulled from the molten state without being subject to heat-treatment while forged steel is created by striking two pieces of metal together under pressure. Steel is made of iron, carbon, and other metals. 

The common type of steel used for building construction is structural steel. This type of steel is used in many different types of buildings, such as stadiums and bridges. It has a high strength to weight ratio and it can be easily welded and cut with a variety of shears (such as an oxy-fuel torch).

 Steel is made by melting together iron and carbon in a hearth furnace. It is then purified to produce molten steel. The metal is poured into molds that are heated to more than 1200 degrees Celsius. 

A few more steps occur before it’s sent off to be cut into sheets or coils of metal. Steel is an alloy that is usually made using carbon, iron, and other metals. Each type of steel has its own specific properties which are used for construction purposes. 

Each type is made with different processes. Carbon steel is made with the most basic process; it receives no special treatment or additional ingredients to make it rust-resistant or conductive. Alloy steel is made through a hot-rolling process that adds certain metals like nickel, chromium, copper, molybdenum, silicon, and manganese to the raw metal bars before they are cold-rolled into sheets. Stainless steels are made by first molding the metal along with other ingredients like tautomers, phosphor, carbon blacks, and other additives after the steel get heated. Then it is further refined with a process called ferrous metallurgy and finally carburized and tempered.

The main difference between carbon and stainless steel is their ability to withstand wear and tear. Since alloy steels are more heat-resistant they are used to create tools that can be used in harsh environments. Carbon steels, on the other hand, are used in sectors such as automobile and aircraft manufacturing where the resistance to corrosion and wear is more important. Stainless steel has a higher content of chromium and a lower content of nickel. These elements make it harder and more resistant to corrosion but at the same timeless hardy. 


Different types of steel provide different advantages for construction purposes. Their inherent properties are determined by the characteristics of each metal used in the alloy.  

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